About Us

We Made The Coffee We Wanted To Drink

It’s more than just roasted beans. It’s who we are. We don’t just sell coffee, we give people energy. Energy to live the life they’ve never lived. 
Our coffee is for the calm, the peaceful, the warm, the positive. This is for everyone who stops to smell the roses and takes time to chill; enjoys the brewing. You treat yourself kindly, you are aware of your expectations, because you understand who you are. Coffee is our pleasure of life; it lightens your mood. Our coffee makes you happier, sexier and more alive.
We believe in wonderful people making life wonderful, so we provide you with the motivation you need to be present.

Our Story

We are a group of siblings founders of Sheratique Coffee, and we come from the world of web development, graphic design, photography, and warehouse shipments. We've gathered all of our different experiences to build something we are passionate about.

Our love of coffee as a source for positive energy sparked the idea. We started out in 2018, we knew if we were to provide you coffee, we want to send it to you the way it was meant to be - Fresh!

So we worked hard from scratch with a lot of excitement for months and months, utilizing our talents and experiences to make what we had in our hearts and minds a reality. We had our touch on everything from beans to bags. Sheratique Coffee was born.

Sheratique Coffee is privately funded, and our roaster is based in Temecula, CA. Contact us at info@sheratique.com